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# A smaller version of the product that started it all.

Betsy Ross - No Frame
Betsy Ross with Frame
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Betsy Ross - Framed

Small Rustic American Flag

A smaller but just as cool version of our flagship product that started it all.  Our rustic American Flags are gorgeous and will definitely stand out wherever you decide to put them. These smaller flags are versatile and can be hung up or sit on a solid surface to display.  They make a great gift for anyone and never go out of style. Trust us, the pictures don't really do them justice!

$100 framed   |   $75 without frame
Current lead time: 10 days
Styles Available:
  • Betsy Ross
  • Stars and Stripes
  • Thin Blue Line
  • Thin Red Line


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How they're made

Flags are built in our garage workshop / driveway, and we pour our hearts into every one.  We respect what it represents, and the people who sacrificed to make it that way.  My wife and son were part of my inspiration, and now they are both involved in the creation process.  We hand select wood looking for unique grain patterns, cut and rip the boards ourselves, meticulously sand then burn the wood grain with a handheld torch, stain each board and ultimately hand carve all 50 stars into the union (or the 1776 and 13 stars for the Betsy Ross flags).  Each flag is truly unique with its own story to tell, just like the folks receiving them.  Please enjoy knowing that it was handmade with a strong family connection and a desire to bring great people together!

  • Dimensions:
    • 18" W x 9.25" H
  • Wood species:
    • Pine
  • Hanger installed
  • Finished for indoor display

What people are saying...

The flag is amazing.  You can absolutely see the time and attention to detail that Craig and family put in to making these.  A true one of a kind item that stops people in their tracks!

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