Our Team

# Powered by a family of 3 +

Strength in numbers.

We have always done everything as a family, so it only made sense to get everyone involved in this little venture.  You will only see 3 of us on these pages, but please know that we are blessed to be surrounded and supported by the coolest family, friends and neighbors anyone could ask for.  Special shout out to Mom and Dad on both sides for showing and teaching us the unconditional love that is family!

Meet the Team

Craig Turner // Chief Laborer

Well I'm a tiny business guy, so basically I do a lot of everything that needs to get done.  I'm involved in every wood project from start to finish, I do all the website development, and I keep track of all the "business stuff" behind the scenes.  My full time job by day is in healthcare management, so woodworking offers a very different experience.  For one, I get to trade in my shirt and tie for my preferred flannel and jeans.  I also really enjoy building becasue there is an actual physical object to put your hands on at the end of the process.  I look forward to learning new things and growing indvidually as well as a family.

Trish Turner // THE BOSS

Trish is Craig's boss and does a lot of our design and finish work.  She's definitely got an eye for style and beauty, just look at her husband, lol.  She also understands passion and how to pair that  with realistic goals to maximize potential.  In other words, she's the perfect balance to Craig's perfectionist mentality to keep us moving forward.  She is always looking for new projects.  Things we can do now, and others that challenge us to learn more.  I love her and wouldn't know what to do without her.

Caleb Turner // LABORER

Caleb might be listed third on this page, but he's number 1 in Mom and Dad's heart.  We try to catch him when he takes a break from hockey, video games and looking at his phone to go on "wood runs" to the big box stores.  We've taught him the value of starting projects with nice lumber, so now he will go through the pile to find it.  He took a basic construction class in school and likes running the saws and power tools.  His other unique role that we value so much is his ability to reach things for Craig and Trish above the first shelf. 

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