Our Story

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Inspired by family.

Trish and I both come from a long line of hard working do whatever it takes families.  We were taught the value of being able to fix and make things on your own, and we're both extremely thankful for those people and qualities every day.  We've built a lot of things for our home over the years, but never thought about doing it for others until...

Like most, 2020 was tough for me. Of course the craziness of COVID-19 but more importantly for me, my Dad’s health suddenly became an issue.  Simply put, he is my hero, role model and person I look up to the most. Needless to say, him not doing well was beyond difficult.  I needed something productive to keep my mind in a positive place. For me there’s always been something special about building things by hand, so a project was exactly what I needed.  But what?LightBulb.jpg

Trying to represent my emotions with something made of wood would not be easy.  But I am truly blessed to be supported by a group of amazing people. People with common traits: faith, love, compassion, strength, grit and resilience. People that understand working together for a common goal makes you unstoppable.  There it was, my project. The American Flag, the symbol that represents all of those things.

So I went into building mode and started to create my first flag to present to my Dad when he fully recovered.  The project did exactly what I needed personally and I absolutely loved the finished product.  Unfortunately Dad had setbacks, so I decided to build more flags for some of our close friends and family.  I ended up presenting those flags first and the reaction I got was overwhelming.  Every person was truly taken back and the connections made were hard to describe.  It was exactly what I was looking for, a way to connect to the people I value.  Fast forward a few weeks and one night on a group text someone brought up the fact that I should start a business making flags and other wood products.  It was one of those half serious then real serious conversations.  I took it all in and unbeknownst to them started the next day to put some ideas together.  I ran it by Trish and we decided to give it a shot as a fun side project.  We've got a long way to go, but we aren't afraid to work and know there are plenty of people that still want to support that!

One last thing… My Dad and Mom proudly display that original flag I built literally at the front door of their home. Dad’s recovered now and back in action.  He’s making things on his own and helps us with some of the projects we do!  Family and friends are everything to us and we hope those connections resonate through what we do.

Take care and God bless...

The Turner Family

Craig, Trish and Caleb