Building One Of A Kind Pieces

to start conversations and connect people.

You'll love working together with us.

We take pride in building wood projects with character and attention to detail that makes each one truly unique.

We believe in honesty and hard work and want our products to be recognized as a direct reflection of those values.


We love to create and build and are always excited to start projects. Pride motivates us to go the extra mile because every project has a story to tell.

Wow factor.

We want our work to make people smile and say wow!  Wow factor resonates and sparks conversations.


We are extremely blessed to come together and do this as family.  It's priceless!

How we work...

Hard and with our hands

It's what defines our work and makes our products truly unique. There's something really satisfying about having that connection to what you're building. It's also what gives our products their character and detail.

Meet our team

Our workshop...

A continuous work in progress.

We've come a long way from working on the floor of our garage and driveway with a hammer, cordless drill and a circular saw. Today our workshop continues to be our garage and driveway just with a few improvements. No more working on the floor, we actually have a work bench now! Tools have also been upgraded, but we still only have the basics. We do our best to fill the gaps with creativity and believe it adds to the character of what we build! All of our workbenches and tool stands are on wheels to make moving them around the garage and into the driveway less work. We'll keep pushing to improve the layout and add tools when possible to make our space more efficient and grow our capabilities. For now, we'll keep making and redneck engineering things to get by.

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What our clients are saying about us...

We purchased a blue line flag from Craig and it was forged with love and care and it shows in the attention to detail.  My childhood friend will receive this gift as he recently retired after 20 years on the Phoenix PD.  He served with distinction on patrol, SWOT and ended in K-9.  We can't wait to have him receive this unique, hand-crafted, hand made to perfection piece of work from Turner Woodworking.  Thanks to Craig and his family for making such a wonderful gift for my childhood friend who served our community,

Andy Baysinger // Flag // Thin Blue Line

The flag is amazing.  You can absolutely see the time and attention to detail that Craig and family put in to making these.  A true one of a kind item that stops people in their tracks!

Satisfied Customer // Flag // Red, White and Blue

Really cool product.  The details are really amazing!  Displaying it proudly, thanks.

Officer D.P. | Active law enforcement // Flag // Thin Blue Line Flag

I can't wait to share this Thin Blue Line flag with my aunt and uncle.  They are people of strong faith, deep love and compassion.  Both enjoyed long careers in law enforcement due to their great strength, unbelieveable grit and unwaveriing resilience.  They both invested time, love encouragement and accountability in me and helped me become the man I am today.  Consider your mission building memories and connecting people accomplished! Thanks Craig! 

Roger Greene // Flag // Thin Blue Line